Winter Weddings – 6 things to make your day magical

Winter Weddings – 6 things to make your day magical

Winter weddings can be all that you’ve dreamt and more! We all know that typically Summer is the season for weddings. In fact, three quarters of weddings are held between May and October. But if you’re looking to break the mould and look for something a bit different, why not consider a Winter wedding.

The season itself arrives with emblems of romance, roaring fires, snow blanketed landscapes, cosy coverups and steaming drinks. But there is more to consider. For starters Winter weddings are less expensive than summer ones. You also have the advantage of more dates available to pick from and the suppliers you would like are more likely to be free. For your guests it means they are not trying to juggle numerous wedding invites and holidays at the same time.

If I’ve convinced you then great! So, to help I’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts to make your day magical.

Winter Weddings Do’s – Seasonally dress your guests

Seasonally dress your guests- help them enjoy those winter outdoor photos by supplying baskets of blankets and extra shawls. This does not have to be a large expense and you don’t have to supply blankets for all of your guests but a good amount in a basket by the doors of your venue, for guests to help themselves to. Check out different suppliers if you’d like this provided for you.

Winter Weddings Do’s – Create a hot drinks station

This is a great way to keep your guests warm but to allow them to have fun. Look into having large urns on a table full with hot chocolate, providing sweet toppings such as squirty cream, marshmallows and chocolate powder. For the adults, I’m sure they would appreciate some baileys to add to the chocolaty drink!

Winter Weddings Do’s – Provide beauty baskets

I have seen loads of couples this year provide baskets in the toilets of their venue with essentials for their guests. During the summer months couples provided items such as sun lotion, after sun and deodorant! For your winter wedding, why not think about Vaseline for those chapped lips, hand cream and even a makeup powder to cover up those red noses to ensure they are photo ready!

Winter Weddings Don’ts – Plan to have all your photos outside

When thinking about the location for your photos, don’t have them all outside! Not only will your guests feel the cold, but you will too. Ensure that when you choose your venue, you see photo potential not only outside but also inside within the venue itself. That way you can ensure that you still have all the photos you desire but you and your guests aren’t freezing to death in the process!

Winter Weddings Don’ts – Arrange to have a late ceremony

Remember, this is wintertime, and it goes dark early. If you have arranged the ceremony for later in the afternoon you are risking the sun setting for those all-important photographs.

Winter Weddings Don’ts – Plan the venue carefully

Let’s be honest, if you are going to have a winter wedding there would be nothing more romantic than snowy blanketly landscapes. However, if you are booking a location where this is likely to happen you need to consider that your guests can arrive and depart safely. The last thing you want is worrying about elderly relatives travelling in snowy conditions.

If you’d like to consider a Winter Wedding and would like some help planning and arranging it, then I’d love to help you. My vast experience and knowledge mean that I can help you with everything from finding the venue you have dreamt of, sourcing suppliers using my list of trusted peers to co ordinating your special day.

Just get in touch and we can get planning.